Financial Life Planning & Behavioral Investment Advising

We are Financial Life Planners and Behavioral Investment Advisors

Our Process is Simple:

  1. We custom write a full Financial Life Plan
  2. Invest your money according to the plan
  3. Monitor the results against the plan
  4. Update the plan as your life evolves

We Explore:

  1. What gives your life meaning and purpose?
  2. What excites, touches and inspires you?
  3. What will make you happy?

The Exploration leads to a well crafted Vision of what you want your life to look like. We all want love in our life; we want and need a Vision. Financial Life Planning delivers that.

Once we have a clear Vision, we then write the Plan, creating the financial architecture that will allow a person to realize their Vision. We marry money and meaning.

Financial Life Planning makes Life better.

Client Behavior:

Once we’ve created a high quality portfolio of investments that are well-suited to your long-term goals, we become, in a very real sense, your Behavioral Coach, helping you to (a) Continue making good decisions and, (b) Avoid making inappropriate decisions about what to do and what not to do regarding your portfolio.

We believe a client’s highest probability of success will come from:

  1. A comprehensive Financial Life Plan
  2. A portfolio created and maintained pursuant to the Plan
  3. Our empathetic Behavioral Counseling.

We spend much of our time trying to talk clients out of making poor decisions, whether that is trying to ride the euphoria of segment upturn, panicking out of a bear market, speculating, or putting all your eggs in too few baskets. Our behavior coaching is just that – we try to educate our clients to influence good decisions and, more so, avoid common mistakes. Success here requires a high level of communication, and is the most important aspect of our service.

To this end, we then meet at least annually, face to face, and speak and e-mail during the course of the year, adjusting your Plan and portfolio accordingly.


Our portfolios are the funding mechanism for the Plan, not the other way around. We invest many hours in conversation and planning before investing a dime. Once the hard work is done, we know exactly how to invest your money to give you the best chance at accomplishing your goals.

Our portfolios a) will be ideally suited to carry forward the goals of your Plan, b) will be beautifully diversified and, c) once in place will probably not change much over the course of a year.

Please read our Investing Practices and Principles. It will give good insight into our investing methodology.


Our fees are two-fold:

  1. A fixed, one-time cost for the Financial Life Plan
  2. 1.4% of the invested assets under management, which includes all broker/dealer, clearing and custody fees.

Why Use an Independent Financial Advisor?

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