Our Office Staff

Becky Worby - Employee of Mark Mauro Financial

Becky Worby


With the firm since 1997, Becky started out as an Administrator, going back to school and ever-working on her skill set to become an accomplished bookkeeper.

Becky works on clients’ books as well as our own firm’s books. You can imagine the pressure being the bookkeeper for a CPA firm!

Ellen Taranto - Employee of Mark Mauro Financial

Ellen Taranto


With the firm since 2003, Ellen does it all – marketing, seminar management, administration, any other tasks the office needs done. Ellen’s attention to detail and desire for perfection make her end product second to none.

Veronica Torres - Employee of Mark Mauro Financial

Veronica Torres

Financial Planning & Investments

Hired in 2018, Veronica handles all facets of financial planning and investment administration, from opening accounts, troubleshooting and handling a steady stream of client requests. Her positive, happy disposition is perfect for the job. We are so grateful to have her join our team.

Helen Litwornia - Employee of Mark Mauro Financial

Helen Litwornia


To our beautiful Angel, rest in peace.