Dawn Riccardo, CPA

Dawn received her CPA the same year she started at our firm, 1992. Dawn is employee #3! Dawn started with the firm in the very early years, the building years, the years of wild growth and mayhem. She has seen it all. In addition to decades of experience, Dawn brings kindness and compassion to all she works with.


Victoria Sirbu-Case, CPA

Victoria has been in the accounting profession since 2007, achieving her CPA certification in 2010. Prior to becoming a CPA, Victoria worked for many years in her family’s retail business, gaining the kind of practical experience one only gets through self-employment. This experience gives Victoria a unique insight into what our clients are going through every day. In addition to being highly organized and skilled, Victoria is reliable, responsible, hard-working and a team player. We find it a pleasure working with Victoria.

Tony Vetro, CPA

Tony began his CPA career in 1991, gaining a deep and diverse CPA experience throughout his career, having worked for small, medium and large CPA firms, picking up a unique skillset along the way. Tony’s work is precise and detailed, beautifully presented. Tony splits his time between our firm and that of a part time Controller for a few of our and his own clients.