Maria and I attended a seminar on Senior Citizen Life Care Planning given by Kim D’Angiolillo, owner of Kupuna Consulting and a Certified Senior Advisor.

Kim was so impressive, we asked him to lunch to grill him on his service.

We concluded Kim is a passionate, caring human being who loves what he does.

Kim is the go-to guy to plan an aging parent’s care.

Here’s a simplified synopsis of Kim’s services: Kim provides a professional, objective assessment, recommends living choices that match the assessment, schedules and accompanies you on visits to the facilities and works as your advocate to be sure your loved one is getting the care they’re supposed to get.

Kim interviews scores of home care workers and visits dozens of facilities, interviewing the people in charge and the workers, to be able to give his best recommendations.

This guy knows what he’s doing. If you have a need, interview Kim. It will be worth your time.

Kim D’Angiolillo, CSA