In 2001 we added comprehensive financial planning to our menu, with the intent on serving a finite number of families with a deep level of planning they need and deserve.

Our practice is about 60% to our goal, in terms of the number of people we feel we can serve effectively. Our momentum the last few years has accelerated significantly. At this rate, we can begin to see the day approaching where we will need and want to stop accepting new clients. Between now and that point, we much prefer to establish relationships with the friends and colleagues of our existing clients. We enjoy working with you, and are sure we’d enjoy working with people you like and admire.

To that end, we will be asking you, as a part of the agenda at our face to face meetings, to introduce us to such people… provided, of course, that you are perfectly comfortable doing so.

We don’t expect, and don’t deserve, introductions to be made by our clients unless you are satisfied and happy with the service we provide you. That’s why, as we begin these conversations, we will urge you to tell us, freely and candidly, anything you feel you need or want from us that we’re not already doing. Your satisfaction remains our primary goal.

If we are serving you in ways you hoped and expected we will ask you to introduce us to someone you believe should be similarly served. We seek to work with people like you.

We welcome any suggestions which this letter sparks, in terms of people we should be talking to, and we look forward to following up this letter personally with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.