Certified College Funding Specialists

How am I going to pay for this?

We answer that question in a simple, easy to understand manner. We’ve been studying the college funding field for nearly 20 years.

Our clients all have a workable plan that we ensure gets implemented.

The win is that paying for college never intrudes on our clients’ retirement savings.

The final result is parents know exactly how they’re going to pay for college and where the money will come from.

College Financial Funding Action Plan

  • Get a full Financial Life Plan done to establish your COLLEGE BUDGET. To derive your budget, all facets of your financial life need to be looked at together.
  • Figure your EFC so you know whether you’re in the NEED-BASED game. If yes, strategize to maximize your NEED.
  • Using College Board…
    • Search for schools AT WHICH YOUR CHILD WILL THRIVE, where your child is either in the top 25% or at a low/reasonably priced school that you, as a family, can afford.
    • Use their “Find Similar” feature to enhance your list.
    • Fill out the College Financial Aid Spreadsheet.
  • Cull the list of schools that fit your BUDGET and your OVERALL PLAN.
  • Plan your visits.
  • Boil the final list down to 6-8 schools, any of which would be great for your child, and affordable to your family.
  • All the while, apply for Private Scholarships.

Helpful College Funding Resources

In addition to the help that Mauro CPA can provide you, here some links to additional college funding resources.

  • College Board: College research for merit money, profile registration and completion.
  • Federal Student Aid: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority: New Jersey’s Financial Aid website.
  • The Princeton Review: Helpful information about college testing, admissions, financial aid and more.
  • FinAid: The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid. Search for scholarships and get answers to many financial aid questions.
  • fastweb!: Helpful information about applying to college, searching for colleges, writing essays, picking a major. Also scholarships to apply for.
  • Cappex: Clear list of available merit awards listed by college.
  • New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development – Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services – Local Number for Somerset & Hunterdon counties – (908) 704-3030. Email: dvrdeptt@dol.state.nj.us. They provide aid and counseling for children with learning disabilities requiring IEPs.